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You may have already heard of what’s going on with R. Kelly. I mean c’mon there’s a 6-part docuseries detailing the accounts of his interaction with a few women, some who may have even been underage at the time. According to several sources, some of the women that he is currently dealing with are being held against their will. However. R. Kelly and his legal team insists that these are malicious stories, created for profit or monetary gain. Currently, in the news, these allegations have caused a stop in R. Kelly’s cash flow as several of his shows have been canceled, radio stations are refusing to play his music, and fellow artist who have worked with him, are now wanting to pull the music from streaming services. You would think Mr. Kelly would be affected by all of this, well let me tell you, it’s been reported that he is carrying on with life as if none of this is going on! Recently, he through a higher birthday bash, where he was spotted singing on stage while several women-fans was singing along. As this story continues to unfold, we may soon find out truth behind all of it.

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