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DaBaby aka Baby Jesus. Have you heard of him? Besides the controversial drama surrounding the shooting that took place in a Charlotte Walmart in North Carolina, where one man died as DaBaby said, “he shot him in self-defense because the man was attempting to rob him”. Well if you haven’t heard of him, let me introduce you. DaBaby is an up and coming artist from Charlotte, NC as he has stated in several songs. His quick and catchy lyrics, and ability to hold his own on tracks sets him on a path to rival with today’s trap inspired music. DaBaby recently dropped the album Blank Blank, and I am not surprised that this albums has so many hits on it such as, “21”, “Deserve”, “No Tears”, “Beeper”, and several others as they come on the heels of other hits that he’s dropped. You may of heard “Pull Up Music”, “Up The Street”, “Gorilla Glue”, and “Light Show”. If not, go and check those out. DaBaby’s lyrics is reminiscent of someone who knows how to finesse. As he cranks out bangers (literally bangers; the base in these songs sound amazing in the car), he provides the listener with various stories and scenarios about his success; DaBaby is worth checking out! Mix new age trap beats, great lyricism, and his animated antics, and you have one hell of an artist. Take a listen to a few of the songs if you don’t believe me. With his musical discipline and catchy phrases, he is sure to be around the industry for awhile.

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