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Fredo Bang recently released his debut album 2 Face Bang, which has several bangers such as “Chiefin”. The Bang Man, a moniker, which he goes by, is a relatively new artist from the group TBG or better known as Top Boy Gorilla. He comes on the heels of a fellow artist and best friend, Da Real Gee Money, who was slain in September 2017. 2 Face Bang houses several tracks, such as “Status” and “Oouuh” where you can hear the Baton Rouge rapper harmonizing over the fire beats. If you’re like me, and you follow all of the industry beefs, then it is noteworthy to point out that Fredo had a clear message for the ops (oppositions) on tracks, such as “Kill Ya” and “Shoots On The Roof”. Fredo Bang is beginning to gain notoriety not only from the recent beefs with other Baton Rouge Artist, but from the unique delivery of his flow that he brings to the music industry.

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