Tripping On A Budget

Have you found yourself scrolling through your friends instagram pictures, secretly wishing it was you enjoying those nice vacations? Well, you too can have some fun in the sun, with careful planning. California is always a nice start if you aren’t already living there! So if you’re like me, and living on the east coast, then this article is just for you. Plan ahead, so that there aren’t any last minute surprises. I’ve found that you can find really cheap flights as low as $325 round-trip, an entire house on AirBnB for as low as $60 a day, and a rental car for less than $40 a day.

Once in Cali, why limit yourself to one city when there is so much more to experience. Try driving between cities, such as San Francisco and Los Angeles, and enjoy the Pacific coast scenery along Highway 1. I am sure between these two cities, there are tons to explore and loads of pictures to take. If planned correctly, your trip should cost you less than $1000, and thats including money for the extras along the way. This trip is sure to provide you with many great memories and possibly some funny stories. So, why keep pushing off your happiness; start planning today, so your friends can be envious of your vacations.

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