Local Mexican…..If You’re In The Mood

Are you feeling in the mood for some Mexican Cuisine, and Taco Bell just isn’t satisfying the crave? Well no worries, we have the drop on the latest spot that is offering the authenticity you’re in search for with a little something extra. Chando’s Tacos located at 863 Arden Way in Sacramento California is where you would want to be. Their tasty tacos are unlike any taco that you’d find on a taco stand; they seem to add a little more love, flavoring, and food. The tortilla for the chorizo burritos are crisped and rolled to perfection, and house an incredibly juicy flavor from the various herbs and spices. Another plus to this newly discovered food heaven is the price point. Not only is the food delicious and savory, the price is just right! If you’re looking for lunch on a budget, Chando’s Tacos is the perfect place, but be prepared to not get any work done after a visit here because you’re definitely going to be stuck on the amazing taste that your mouth just experienced.

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