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Bucket lists are becoming increasingly popular as more people are wanting to experience life before they, well, kick the bucket! Fortunately, this world that we call home offers various attractive destinations that are located around the globe. Whether you’re into thrill-seeking, relaxation, exploration, or just some family fun time, we have you covered.


Located off of the west coast of Africa, is a beautiful blue tropical paradise, The Cape Verde Islands. This charming island is known for its volcanic peaks that lie in the background creating a serene and peaceful feeling. Filled with pristine beaches, loads of culture, and plenty of outdoor adventure, you are sure to enjoy yourself. If you are more of a nature person, you may want to add this next attraction to your list.


Banff, Canada, known for its year-round appeal, it offers an array of outdoor activities from kayaking to mountain hiking, or snow-shoeing to skiing. Nearly four million visitors are attracted to Banff each year; many of them come with hopes of viewing the historically reported Northern Lights. Between February and April, the beautiful and breathtaking display of colors are considered to be their most vibrant.


We always hear of Eskimos and igloos, but we never hear of the KAI Alps, a luxury inn-style Ryokan, which is located in Nagano, Japan. This igloo styled hotel room is carefully situated near the famous Omachi Springs. Nagano, Japan is known for its hot spring, powdery snow, and chilled soba noodles. If you are interested in a cold getaway, this is definitely your place. We hope you have enjoyed reading about our top travel destinations for 2018, and hey, maybe one of these will make it onto your bucket list. Catch up with us next time as we present you with more exhilarating travel news.

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